Bear Drawings

These bear drawings are demonstrated in step by step drawing lessons below. Learn how to draw a bear easily.

Two bear drawings in pencil

1. The bear is in water so we aren't sketching its legs. This is the head, main part of the body and water level.

2. Loosely sketched features. The mouth is open and we can only see one eye.

3. I start to place patterning on the body and head.

4. More detail on the face.

5. Shading adds tone to the head and body.

6. This area will be dark and featureless.

7. I work over it and blend it with a tissue. The tissue spreads the tone but doesn't make the area too smooth. Then I work over it again.

8. I do the same on the bear's head.

9. I work over the back and side of the animal taking care to catch the light.

10. I finish with the water.

Drawing 2

A very quick example of one of my animal sketches.

1. Quick circle and dividing line.

2. Draw the snout which is box-like. The eye line.

3. Ears which should be placed carefully.

4. Back of the bear which we draw pretty straight.

5. The curved backend and foreleg.

6. These lines describe the leg and stomach.

7. Jump to the finished piece. You can do this without guidance. The bear is made up of lines of varying lengths. The only drawing you need to do here is the eyes and nose.

Bear drawing

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