Fantasy Sketches.

Fantasy sketches drawings and paintings have always fascinated me. As a schoolboy and student I loved reading comics and writing and drawing my own. From this I discovered artists like Boris Vallejo and Jim Burns. Patrick Woodroffe and Berni Wrightson. The list goes on and on,

I was very interested in how these amazing artists could bring such fantastic things into being and felt I would never be able to draw the way they did. I was right and wrong. Although I was lucky enough to eventually make a living from my art I was never going to be in the big league like these people.

This has never detracted from my love of drawing and painting and even if I never made a penny I would still draw. I bet you're the same too. I can't stop sketching even when i'm supposed to be having a day off or on holiday.

Fantasy art covers such a wide area but from your requests and a little research I've decided to put a few tutorials together on the subjects I know people are interested in.

Fairy drawings, Horror drawings and drawing dragons are the most requested areas but if you have any other wishes contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Follow the links below to get started.

Fairy Drawings

Learn how to draw a fairy in pencil.

Werewolf Drawings.

Grim Reaper Drawings

More Grim Reaper Drawings.

Vampire Drawings.

More Vampire Drawings

Draw a Female Vampire.

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