Vampire Drawings.

The following vampire drawings are a nice easy way to learn how to draw a vampire.

I see drawings of female vampires in books and on other sites usually show young women so I will show you how I would go about as a non horror artist.

1. I use two ovals for the head as I would drawing any other human head in a three quarter view.

2. I divide the first oval two ways to give me a guide for the eyes and nose. I sketch a graceful neck and shoulder as if the vampire is looking over one shoulder.

3. I place the eyes nose and mouth.

4. I sketch the hair. This is all I need to guide me with the first stage of drawing the face.

5. I use the guides to sketch the face.

6. I made a more refined version by tracing the last image. It's a fairly conventional face but slightly narrower than a human. The lips are full and I show one fang has pierced the bottom lip. I'm not going to add irises.

7. I begin to add tone with light, overlapping lines.

8. I work on the eyes adding more tones and a little to the eye so they don't appear totally featureless.

9. I work on the mouth. The inside of the mouth is dark to bring out the fangs.

10. Now I work on the face. I add tone lightly, building up the shaded areas.

10. I continue with the hair and neck. I leave the shoulder area, happy with the focus being on the face.

Altogether an easy way to make vampire sketches.

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