Drawing Cartoons.

Drawing Cartoons is popular and fun. It fires creativity in adults and children. On this page you will find links to various subjects and cool cartoon drawings. You can use pencils and paper, pens, crayons, anything you have to hand.

Cartoon Dog Drawings

Learn how to draw dogs in a cartoon fashion.

Drawing Cartoon Faces.

A simple process you can use over and over to create a variety of faces.

Cartoon Fish Drawings.

Learn how to draw a cartoon fish.

Cartoon Drawings of Cars.

Three in One Drawing Lesson.

Before You Explore the Tutorials...

I love all kinds of subject matter but cartoons and comic strips hold a special place in my heart. It was my dearest ambition to be a newspaper cartoonist but despite several years of trying and getting close with one particular British newspaper group it hasn't happened for me. This has never altered my love of the artform and I have made money through cards and advertising cartoons.

As a greeting card designer I use my skills in cartooning whenever inspiration strikes. Selling a humorous card is somewhat easier in my experience than a realistic scene.

Even if I never made a penny from this artform I would still draw them. My office is testament to this. I hang onto cartoon drawings harder than other pieces of work.

I discovered many years ago that cartoon drawings helped to develop my overall drawing skills. Inking cartoons and comic strips also strengthened my brush control remarkably and it is for this reason I would encourage any artist to embrace this art.

Some artists and art teachers look down on it but I have never taken the slightest notice. Some professional cartoonists and comic book artists have breath taking skills and others raise the craft to a high artform so never feel that it is a waste of time.

Whether you do it for fun or cash, cartooning is rewarding and stimulating.

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