Drawing Cartoon Faces.

A simple process for drawing cartoon faces you can use over and over to create a variety of faces.

1, Every cartoon face can be broken down into easy steps. This illustration shows you four steps. A rounded shape. Centre and eyelines. The yes sited in the desired position and the complete face.

cartoon faces demo

2, Here I use the same principle but use a different shape. A kidney shape.

3, I sketch in a centre line which will tell me where to draw the nose and fall between the eyes. I draw a bisecting line.

4, I sketch in the eyes nose and basic mouth along with the ear. The ear may look out of kilter but this is because of the angle and also for comic effect because character is wearing spectacles I want to distort slightly.

5, I draw very rounded cheeks and the bottom of the mouth which is wide and open. I draw a cartoon nose which is an oval but then I add nostrils to either side.

6, I draw the spectacles making them oversized so they protude from behind the ear. The frames are rounded and in fact mirror the shape of the character's eyes.

7, The teeth are large and tombstone like. They crowd the mouth. I sketch in the tongue and the bottom of lips. There are a huge number of ways to tackle cartoon drawings of lips and I will be covering this in another drawing tutorial.

8, Now I go over the lines defining the features and limits of the face. I draw in some hair and add stubble to the head as if the character has shaved part of it. I finish the eyes which are small and beady. Note a little highlight in each eye.

drawing cartoon faces

I hope you have enjoyed this lesson on how to draw cartoon faces.

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