I want your paintings, your drawings and sketches.

Upload your paintings, drawings and sketches for others to see, enjoy or to advertise your work.

In this section of the site I am allowing the display of oil paintings, acrylic paintings and any other natural medium artwork.

Include a link to your own site, blog, online gallery or facebook page, if you wish. The link must open in another window. Any problems with that just send the URL and I will manage that for you. And please provide a link to my site in return. No affiliate links please.

As of August 2012 I am no longer accepting submissions without a reasonable length description. It is uninteresting for my visitors so please take the time to talk about your work. A few sentences at least. Thank you.

From-Sketch-to-Oil-Painting.com is a family friendly site so please ensure your artwork is suitable for children to view.

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Photos or graphics should be under 100KB and be no more than 800 x 500 pixels wide. If you need any help resizing photos try one of the following.

Google's Picasa OR picnik.com a great little service where you can edit your photos without registering.


if you use a mac.

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