Enjoy free drawing lessons.

This page contains free drawing lessons. We learn how to draw best through imitation and practice. These step by step drawing tutorials are a great place to start or develop your existing skills. All tutorials are provided without charge.

Most of the lessons in this section are pencil based so anyone with paper and pencil whatever the quality can access them.

Drawing and Sketching require the same skills but I tend to differentiate between them. Sketching is loose and rapid, the type of skill we need if drawing animals or people on the move. Drawing is careful, planned work. Either can be used as the basis of a painting or as a work in its own right.

In this section I will slot in lessons that do not readliy fit anywhere else within From-Sketch-to-Oil-Painting.com. One of the great things about the web is the fact that online drawing lessons are available for free so you don't have to buy and hunt through drawing books when all you want is to learn one specific thing.

charcoal drawing techniques

Charcoal is an excellent but messy medium. Learn how to control the charcoal so that it doesn't control you.

Celtic Cross Drawings

Draw intricate patterned celtic crosses.

Cross Drawing.

An interesting cross drawing lesson.

Evil Skull Drawings.

Gargoyle Drawings.

Airplane Drawings

Castle Drawing.

More Castle Drawing

I discovered this beautiful site about tropical art. One particular page caught my eye about drawing pencil sketches.

And I have to share this site about drawing and sketching with you. You will find great free lessons here on sketching to help you use your imagination and creativity.

Another site I heartily recommend is the The Fantasy Art School - lessons on how to draw fantasy characters, subjects and more. An exciting and vibrant website for stimulating creativity.

A new and very promising site called draw-it-now.net where you will find basic drawing techniques. If you are a beginner these tutorials on drawing basics are the perfect start.

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