Castle Drawing in Pencil.

This castle drawing was completed with a 2B pencil on murano textured paper. Follow it to learn how to draw a castle.

The subject is Conisborough Castle. It was originally a Norman stronghold made of wood, an early type of defensive building in the motte and bailey style. Later it was replaced by a stone building. I think construction of the Keep was started about 1180 and went on for many years. The keep didn't see much action so it has survived largely intact. When a ransom was raised for Richard the Lionheart it was kept in the keep chapel which speaks for its former importance and impregnability. I am lucky enough to live quite close to it.

1. I start with the ground level and sketch in a bush on the right. I'm working from a distance so I can get the entire castle in the drawing.

castle drawing 1

2. I sketch the basic shapes of the ruined towers and walls.

3. I sketch the keep. It is a more complicated building than the other parts and isn't ruinous. I take my time but keep my lines light.

4. I start to add details including the single window.

5. More detail on the keep.

6. I go over the partially ruined towers. The stonework is jagged.

7. This section is what is left of the gatehouse, the area that visitors would have used before entering the inner bailey through a building called a barbican. Unfortunately a lot of the stone was taken once the castle lost its importance and some of it had fallen into the massive ditches that make up a lot of the defences.

8. I draw detail on the wall.

9. I sketch in some of the detail outside the castle.

10. I draw some of the brickwork on the keep.

11. I add some of the larger stones on the walls and towers.

12. I finish the castle drawing by adding some tone to the bushes outside the building.

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