An Overview of English Artists I Admire.

This page is the gateway to biographies on English artists I admire. You may find a few other nationalities in here as this section of the site develops. I will probably include artists like Holbein who spent much of his working life here acting as image maker to monarchs, statesmen and the wealthy.

My interests in art covers many genres so expect to see articles on illustrators and cartoonists along with fine artists, both contemporary and from the past.

There is much to admire about English artists. Hilliard's miniatures, Aubrey Beardsley's amazing black and white images, George Gower's Tudor portraits, George Stubbs, probably the greatest equestrian painter ever and even if you don't agree with that there is no denying he was the horse anatomist. No one else has done more. Hogarth the social commentator, Constable, a landscape painter who captured the English countryside just before the industrial revolution changed it forever. His great rival Turner, master of land and seascapes, the most successful painter of his generation. Lowry, Hockney, Riley and more.

Ronald Searle the creator of St Trinians and much more, Ralph Steadman author of I Leonardo, Between the Eyes and Big I am, books with drawings so masterful they take my breath away.

I could go on but I won't. Let us learn from the Greats.

We begin with William Blake

one of my all time favourites. Poet, painter and print maker with few equals.