Painting Flowers

Painting Flowers is a wide area simply because of the huge number of blooms and combinations that can be recorded on canvas and paper. It's an easy jump from learning the skills you need to selling your own greeting cards.

The greeting card industry in Britain alone is worth £1.7 Billion annually. That's a lot of cards! A huge number of cards are based on this subject. Realistic, cartoon, impressionistic, graphic and abstract, this is big business. Whatever your style you can find a way to make money with this skill.

What kind of skills do I need? Well, in my experience ( I earn a good part of my income from cards) A reasonable level of drawing ability is great but the most important aspect of this area is being able to handle colour. Any medium of colour will do the job, Oils, acrylics, watercolours, pastel, pencils, anything at all.

Below you will find lessons that will start you on your journey in this enjoyable and lucrative artform. In a relatively short time you can be painting like a pro. Paint for pleasure or for profit. Or both! It's up to you!

Good luck and have fun.

Flower Garden Painting

Still Life Art

I'm a believer in a solid drawing foundation so take a look at this tutorial on Rose Drawing,

Sketch of a Rose

A quick sketch method in pencil.

Flower Sketches Compose a drawing from multiple flower sketches.

Flower Sketch Draw lilies and daisies in pencil.

If you REALLY want to learn to paint like a professional take a look at the great Delmus Phelps' tutorials on how to paint flowers. OR to get his ebook and DVD course Click Here!

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