Free Printable Greeting Cards.

A selection of free printable greeting cards in PDF. They will print on A4 card or paper enabling you to create your own greeting card.

You can download and home print these for your personal use only. No selling them or removing my URL from them, please. Downloading them signifies you understand and agree with this.

I have added two pdf's with print quality images below. Five Birthday Cards suited to children and a second PDF with animal cards.

To view these you will need adobe reader installed on your computer. Free Download here.

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Download A PDF of animal cards

Download 5 free printable greeting cards suitable for children.

See High Quality Wildlife Greeting Cards.

Humorous Greeting Cards.

Dog Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards History.

Although greetings have been sent between family, friends and colleagues for thousands of years the modern greeting card has its beginnings in the middle of the 19th century.

Sir Henry Cole (1808-1882) is credited as the originator of the first Christmas and New Year card in 1834. The artwork was produced by painter John Callcott Horsley, a rather pedestrian but competent artist. Christmas cards quickly became popular with many making their own to send to family and friends. Soon after commercial cards began to be produced and within two decades humorous and religious cards, animals scenes and cards for children were regularly exchanged.

The types and styles of greetings available today are truly staggering. Every occassion and special day is catered for. It is an exciting and dynamic industry that can be broken into by the individual artist working at home with little or no capital. The internet has had a great effect on the way we can purchase cards and has made it even easier to make money with creative ideas.

In the UK well over a billion pounds is spent on cards per year, a mind blowing £1.7 billion in 2009.

Enjoy the free printable greeting cards and check back now and then as I will add more as time allows.

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