Evil Skull Drawings # 1

Learn evil skull drawings here for fun.

I don't usually make horror drawings, comic or serious, but I've had this page requested so I'm going to give it a go. I couldn't get a skull (artificial skull I hasten to add) at short notice so I've made it up. Sorry for any inaccuracies.

1. I start with an oval with an eye line centre line and where I think the mouth will go. This is reproduced much darker than in reality so you can see it.

evil skull drawings 1

2. I draw the sockets. Because I am trying to make it look evil I slant the upper part as if it is an eyebrow.

evil skull drawings 2

3. I sketch the top of the skull and the cheekbones.

evil skull drawings 3

4. I draw in a hole where the nose should be and the teeth. I make these quite large without trying to make them look realistic at all. I go for an open mouth look to the skull drawing.

evil skull drawings 4

5. I sketch the jaw and use lines to add a little tone and definition.

evil skull drawings 5

6. I loosely shade the sockets, nose and mouth with cross hatched lines.

evil skull drawings 6

Evil Skull Drawing #2

1. Next I tried to draw it in profile. I sketched two oval shapes.

evil skull drawings 7

2. I guessed the eye line and mouth and sketched in a thin neck.

evil skull drawings 8

3. I drew the eye socket nose and upper lip. I know these aren't the right terms but you know what I mean.

evil skull drawings 9

4. I sketch the jaw and open mouth.

evil skull drawings 10

5. I add teeth and work more on the mouth.

evil skull drawings 11

6. The top of the skull.

evil skull drawings 12

7. I add the cheekbone and do more work on the jaw.

evil skull drawings 13

8. Finally I darken the socket and mouth, add a few cracks and I'm done.

evil skull drawings 14

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