Celtic Cross Drawings.

These celtic cross drawings are of a particular cross. There are many more crosses with great variations in patterning and wear and tear. This one has many symbols on it and a cruciform image that I find appealing to draw. I was attempting to use light and shade plus texture to capture the crosses fascinating surface.

I'm fortunate to live near several celtic crosses and have sketched quite a few in my time. I'll probably add some more samples if I get enough interest from visitors. There's a great example of one in Eyam, Derbyshire I first saw on a school trip. I've been back there with my kids many times and if you're ever in the area I'd advise you to have a look around the village, with it's museum and Hall. Eyam is the famous plague village, a story that still inspires me to this day.

Enough history chatter. I'll get on with the drawing lesson.

If you are going to copy this cross drawing use a soft pencil.

1. I start with an outline of the rugged cross. I love how worn and aged this cross looks.

celtic cross drawings

2. A circle for the figure and I sketch the cross.

celtic cross drawings

3. I begin to define the crumbling edges of the cross.

celtic cross drawings

4. Same with the circular image.

celtic cross drawings

5. I sketch more features.

celtic cross drawings

6. I continue trying to bring out the nooks and crannies on the stonework. The thing to remember here is that dark goes back and light comes forward.

celtic cross drawings

7. More work on the circular part with the vague human shape within it.

celtic cross drawings

8. I carry on adding tone with flecks and utilizing the sides of the pencil. It is beginning to look right to my eye.

celtic cross drawings

9. I work down the cross.

I'm fairly pleased with the result. The surface looks weatherworn and I'm happy with the celtic patterns.

celtic cross drawings

If you wnat to see other drawings of crosses take a look at this site.

which goes into the history of the cross as well as some nice drawing lessons.

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