Castle Drawing.

A castle drawing is just one of many cool drawings that are lot easier than people think. You don't have to make a building sketch like an architect, you can do a simpler but equally effective drawing freehand or with a ruler. The following example is done freehand. When drawing pencil sketches you can use whatever materials you are comfortable with. Any paper and pencil or even digital tools if you have access to the software.

The castle is in Northumberland. It is called Bamburgh. It is a very old castle on the coast, very near to Lindisfarne. When I took my family there for a short break we sketched and took loads of photographs. The castle is in excellent condition and was lived in until quite recently. It has a collection of ancient weaponry and a rich history.This is a very easy and straightforward exercise in castle drawing.

1. I worked from a photograph. I chose an interesting angle looking up at the keep. I started with these simple lines.

Castle Drawing Step by Step 1

2. More lines. You can see the top of the keep now.

Castle Drawing Step by Step 2

3. The side of the keep and more lines on the sections on the left. I also start to sketch in the earth built up around the bottom of the tower.

Castle Drawing Step by Step 3

4. The crenulations at the top of the keep.

Castle Drawing Step by Step 4

5. Here I mark where the windows and openings are. many of them would have been open in the past but they are all glazed now. I also sketch in some of the brickwork.

Castle Drawing Step by Step 5

6. I draw the windows in.

Castle Drawing Step by Step 6

7. I add crenulations to the the left side buildings.

Castle Drawing Step by Step 7

8. I add some scant details to the right of the keep.

Castle Drawing Step by Step 8

9. I add windows to the left and a few more details.

Castle Drawing Step by Step 9

10. I add some brickwork. You don't need to draw every brick unless you really want to.

Pencil drawing of a castle.

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