Cartoon Dog Drawings.

Two cartoon dog drawings tutorial. Learn how to draw a cartoon dog in easy steps. These cartoon drawings of animals can be done in any medium.

1, We're starting our cartoon dog sketches with the head. A little unfinished rectangle. Then draw the snout and nose with two ovals.

cartoon dogs drawing

2, Add the ears, which I've drawn like shields. Note the one on the right is slightly different because of our viewpoint. Draw the eyes. Two ovals. Draw the neck with two small straight lines.

dog sketch

3, The body is an egg shape and I attach the tail which is two curving lines. I draw the back leg and paw.

dog drawing

4, I draw in the other legs and use little lines to divide the paws into toes. I draw the chin and mouth and finish by adding a simple collar. The last image shows the drawing traced off.

Cartoon Dog Drawings # 2

1, This bulldog cartoon is a little bit more complicated. Construct the head as illustrated. Start off as in the first drawing. An unfinished rectangle with two loose looking ovals beneath for the jowly face. Add a little round nose in the centre. The eyes are two arches.

2, Draw this body and back leg. It's just an egg shape with a rugby ball for the leg.

3, The legs are wide and bent. I constructed them with eight straight lines. Observe the feet. They are very simple shapes. The front paws are only two rectangles.

bulldog drawings

4, Now we have a frame we can add the details illustrated. The final image is a trace of the first.

cartoon bulldog

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