Cartoon Drawings of Cars

Three examples of cartoon drawings of cars. Learn how to draw cars in a cartoony fashion. These cool cartoon drawings are very easy only requiring curved and straight lines.

1, The first of our cartoon cars starts with a sloping rectangle. Use slightly curving lines to indicate perspective. Four curved lines for the windscreen. Curved lines for the side and bonnet.

cartoon darwing of cars

2, Two arches with the wheels sketched in as oval shapes. An oval tire looks like it is in motion. Don't forget the wheels on the other side. Use arches again for the grille and where you will place the lights. I drew in three faces all very simple.

3, Now sketch a curved line beneath the car. Again this gives the impression of movement. I add a few motion lines and some clouds of smoke.

Cartoon Drawings of Cars #2

1, This is a little sportier. Three curving lines for the bonnet/hood and sides.

2, Again simple curved lines.

3, More curves for the side of the car, wheel arches and wheels.

car sketches

4, The grille, mirrors and lights.

5, Go over the lines to define the cartoon car.

car cartoon drawing

6, I added an oversized driver. This makes the car look sportier because it emphasizes the size of the car.

cartoon sports car drawing

Cartoon Drawings of Cars #3

1, Back to a simpler freehand drawing. Copy these arches.

cartoon  car

2, Simple shapes for the lights and bumper.

3, More curves for the side and rear. I add old fashioned wheel arches and wheels.

4, Add the steering wheel, door (which is three lines and a simple handle), more detail to the grille and bumper etc.

5, More detail to the grille and bumper etc.

5, Now erase any unwanted lines and we're finished.

old time car cartoon drawing

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