Cartoon Fish Drawing.

This cartoon fish drawing can be tackled in any medium. This page will show you how to draw a cartoon fish in easy steps. After this you will have a drawing that you can develop as an ink or colour drawing.

1, Use sinuous lines for the body. Very simple curving lines when attempting cartoon drawings of animals is definitely the way to go.

cartoon fish drawing

2, I always like to establish the eyes as soon as possible. This is something we can all relate to. I use an oval and draw in the pupil.

3, The open mouth is three cirved lines in the same style.

4, A line for the centre of the body and a sail like dorsal fin.

5, This fin is made from three lines.

6, I carefully draw the tail but still using very simple lines.

cartoon fish drawing

7, I go over the lines defining the body, add a nostril and lines on the fins. A close inspection of the fish sketch will show that it is made from very simple, mostly curving lines. I know I'm baging on about it but this really is the best mindset when anyone is beginning to lean how to draw cartoons. Cartoons are more often than not simplified representations of reality. Now the sketch is ready to develop as an ink drawing or colour piece.

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