Grim Reaper Drawings.

The grim reaper drawings on this page were done with pencil on bristol board and inked with a dip pen and Winsor & Newton black ink. Your gothic drawings don't have to be in black and white but you can create atmospheric art and horror drawings this way. I also filled in with a small sable brush. The initial breakdown can be drawn on any paper.

1. I start with a breakdown. I sketch the head with lines to show where the facial features will be. I indicate where the shoulders would be and the arm positions, although I will not be drawing them. I sketch the position of the hands and the scythe.

2. I sketch the eye sockets, nasal cavity and the mouth which will be open.

3. I draw the nasal cavity and cheek bone.

4. I draw the mouth and teeth and sketch the cowl across the reaper's forehead.

5. I begin to draw the hand on the left from our perspective.

6. This is a close up. See I have drawn part of the wrist and back of the hand.

7. I use lines to show the direction of the fingers. the thumb is made up of curved lines. I am drawing fleshed hands rather than skeletal ones. I think it is creepier.

8. I use the lines to sketch the fingers.

9. I work on the other hand.

10. This is a close up. I have drawn the hand in the same way. An oval with lines for fingers.

11. I draw the hand and the part of the arm we can see.

12. I loosely sketch the scythe.

13. I draw the top of the cowl.

14. I trace the drawing onto my board.

15. I ink the reaper.

16. Now I fill in all the white space leaving the ink lines untouched. I erase the pencil lines with a plastic eraser and I'm done.

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