Grim Reaper Drawings in Pencil

Following these grim reaper drawings to draw this supernatural entity and symbol. A good start if you like horror drawings, gothic pencil drawings and the like.

I used HB and 6B pencils on copier paper.

1. I start with a simple sketch showing the grim reaper has thrown its head back and has raised its scythe in the air in triumph. The head is drawn in the same way I would draw a human head. The arms are tubes with ovals for the hands. The cowl and robe are simple lines.

2. I indicate where the features on the skull will be and sketch the scythe.

3. I sketch the skull's features in more detail and draw the arms and hands.

4. I have enough detail to trace the grim reaper onto fresh paper refining the lines. The scythe is very simple.

5. Here is a close up of the head.

6. A close up of the hand curled around the handle.

7. The other hand.

8. Now I take a soft pencil (6B) and very loosely add tone to the cowl and robe.

9. I use the tip of the pencil to add mre tone.

10. I carry on down the robe working loosely.

11. I sketch the moon in the corner.

12. I begin to add features.

13. I carry on darkening areas.

14. It is beginning to look more realistic.

15. I work on it until it looks ok.

16. I use lines to build up tone in the background.

17. I go over the arms and head darkening the lines a little so they stand out more.

18. I darken the nails on the hands and then decide to darken parts of the moon to echo these dark tones.

19. I add more to the background and then darken the eye sockets and mouth. I add tone to the skull and the interior of the cowl.

20. I add more to the background and I'm finished.

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