Werewolf Drawings.

The werewolf drawings on this page will help you draw a werewolf if you follow them.

I don't usually do werewolf sketches or any kind of monster drawings but as I said in a previous drawing lesson I've had a lot of requests for fantasy and horror images so I'm going to give it a go.

I've seen these supernatural entities in films and books, graphic novels and comics. Even one of the Harry Potter films depicted one. I have never liked the idea that a person can change into a complete wolf form as in the TV series True Blood or the Twilight films my older daughter loves so much. I prefer something halfway and wretched. I imagine them as vicious, secretive stalkers that are less hairy than wolves or even hairless which I find even more disturbing.

So I tried to do something halfway between the two.

First I did a drawing of the head and then another version with a crouching body.

Werewolf Drawings #1

1. An egg shape which helps with the head which will be in three quarter view.

2. An oval for the front of the head and face.

3. I divide the face horizontally and vertically for the yes and where to place the nose and mouth.

4. The mouth will be larger than a human mouth. I also sketch in the ear. I'm making this halfway between the two creatures.

5. I place the eyes and mouth. The eyes are further apart than I would draw typical human eyes. The nose is wide because the lip of the werewolf will be split.

6. Here I sketch the lip.

7. I draw upper and lower fangs.

8. The other teeth are more wolf like than they are human.

9. I sketch the top of the head and overlarge neck muscle to the right. I also sketch the side of the face on the left.

10. I draw the other neck muscle and the ear. It is basically a lengthened human ear.

11. Now I trace the image and refine it.

Werewolf Drawings #2

12. I approach the second drawing slightly differently. I draw an oval.

13. An eye line and the ear.

14. The snout will be more wolflike so I sketch these guides.

15. I sketch the mouth and jaw.

16. Two circles for the eyes.

17. The torso.

18. The arms are human but slightly longer.

19. The hands are a little elongated. I use retangles and lines to show the direction and length of the fingers.

20. The legs, showing the creature is squatting.

21. The feet. We can't see much of the right hand foot but the left from our viewpoint is flat and longer than a man's.

22. Now I refine the head and facial features.

23. Shoulders, upper arms and a nipple.

24. Lower arms.

25. The left side hand which has long spindle fingers with a reduced thumb.

26. I draw the second hand.

27. The legs and feet.

28. I trace the image.

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