Dolphin Drawing Tutorial.

Practice your basic dolphin drawing by following this page. I have recorded three line drawings of dolphins showing how to draw a dolphin in easy steps. I think it is important to work at line drawings when first attempting any subject. I have always found that line drawing makes me think in three dimensional terms. I have been guilty of using tone and colour to mask poor drawing in the past. Not good if we want to get better at art.

Work in any medium. All the basic sketches of animals on this site can be tackled with simple pencil and paper.

Dolphins have very streamlined bodies so we can get the shape quickly.

1. I draw a torpedo shape.

Dolphin line drawing 1

2. I sketch an eye line and the visible fins.

Dolphin line drawing 2

3. I sketch the eye and facial features. The mouth is a little tricky so take as much time as you need over it. The lower jaw tends to jut out further than the upper. The corner of the mouth ends quite near the eye.

Dolphin line drawing 3

4. I draw the back and dorsal fin. Take care to show the small variations in the contours.

Dolphin line drawing 4

5. I sketch the flipper in waving lines as it is below the water.

Dolphin line drawing 5

6. I sketch the water flowing around the animal.

Dolphin line drawing 6

1. We start with the same type of shape as the first drawing.

Dolphin line drawing 7

2. Eye line and fins.

Dolphin line drawing 8

3. Mouth and eye.

Dolphin line drawing 9

4. The rest of the dolphin.

Dolphin line drawing 10

1. Now work on this in the same manner. Break the shape down into manageable sections. Remember eye line and fins. When you have everything in place work on the contours of the drawing.

Dolphin line drawing 11

Dolphin line drawing 12

Dolphin line drawing 13

Now you have the shape and can place features correctly you can develop tonal or colour studies of the animal.

If you have any animal sketches, share them here

If you haven't seen this before I have another tutorial here.

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