Drawings of Cats #1

Two drawings of cats in pencil

These drawings of cats are very different. One is a tonal drawing, the other a rapid cat sketch. Both cat drawings can be made with any pencil you are comfortable with but I would recommend 2B and cartridge paper.

1. I begin with a circle.

2. I sketch the ears and facial features.

3. I draw the mouth and a little more on the eyes. I indicate the limits of the face where the edge of the jaw will be visible.

4. I add a little tone to one ear, the forehead and back of the skull. I also add tone to the neck. This is all kept very light.

5. More tone on the eyes and surrounding areas.

6. More of the same on the head and I'm ready to start laying dense shading.

7. I work over the eyes and work outwards. I take care to have good contrast between darks and lights.

8. I start laying down tones on the head which will be the strong markings on the fur.

8. As in stage 7 I work my way methodically across the head and ears.

9. I carry on down the face until finished.

10. I add whiskers and I'm done.

Cat Drawing

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Drawings of Cats #2.

This is a sketch taking a few minutes at most. A skill that is handy when drawing from life but you can also utilize the same skill set drawing at leisure from your reference sketches or photographs. Sometimes a quick drawing like this has charm and is very effective.

1. I sketch the head and features not worrying about accuracy or detail.

2. Simple lines describe the cat's curved back.

3. Legs, paws and the tail which is under the cat.

4. I go over the lines adding weight and scribble tone where necessary. The tone is made up of loose lines. Note the markings on the fur.

Cat Sketch

Very easy, very quick. A way to make drawings of cats pain free and fun.

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