Eagle Sketch

The original eagle sketch reproduced here was done in biro. I'll draw with anything to hand especially when bird drawing and making sketches of animals. We have to grab the opportunity to sketch wherever we are.

In this free drawing lesson on how to draw an eagle I will reproduce the method I used to make this very quick sketch.

eagle sketch in biro

1. This bullet shape is the head.

2. Rapid curved line for the body.

3. Lines for the legs and an indication where the talons will be. The lines are approximately in the middle of the legs. They will aid you to get the positioning of the legs.

4. Dashed lines for the tail.

5. The nearside wing is seen almost head on so is very thin.

6. The other wing is broad.

7. Get the width of the leg and basic shape of the talons.

8. The other leg.

9. Tail shape and feathers.

10. Now copy the head. The basic shape of a raptors head is easily learned. Check this other tutorial if you want to see a line drawing of an eagle head drawing. Hit your browsers back button to continue.

11. Now follow the illustrations to complete the piece. Take your time but when you have finished do the sketch again at speed. You will find this method will help you when you want to execute a rapid sketch.

eagle sketch in pencil

This is a great technique when sketching from life. Even if you draw from photographs I would still say try to do this quickly. Sketchy drawings have charm and are even saleable.

Finally upload your bird sketches.

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