How To Create a Beautiful Female Eye Drawing.

We will create an Eye Drawing in this free drawing lesson. I drew on 95gsm cartridge paper with a 4b pencil. I used a chamois cloth (and my own fingers) to do the blending. Follow this step by step drawing tutorial carefully.

1, Draw a simple circle to represent the iris.

2, Now draw a second circle within the first. This is the pupil of our eye drawing.

3, Carefully draw the main of the eye. Mine looks like a slightly elongated rugby ball. The shape on the left is very important. It is called the caruncula. It is basically U shaped but varies from person to person.

4, Erase the parts of the first circle that are outside the eye.

5, The upper lid mirrors the shape of the eye but not exactly. We all have different shaped upper lids so don't worry about making an exact copy of mine.

6, I establish the position of the eyebrow and indicate the slope of the nose. I only do this to put the eye in it's natural setting to make it appear more naturalistic for you.

7, I roughly lay in lashes. At this stage they look unrealistic don't they? That's fine for now. One of my best drawing tips to mention here is never try to draw each individual lash. It looks very amateurish.

8, I add tone with the side of the pencil. Note the brow is darker than the skin around the eye. The iris is roughly the mid tone, the pupil is the darkest as in real life. The whites of the eye need a little tone or we will get a cartoony effect. Whites are rarely white as we all know when we look in the mirror.

9, This is my favourite stage. I blend the tones, first with my finger rubbing lightly over the paper and then with a chamois cloth. You can manage to blend well with fingers alone but I get nice effects from the chamois. Be gentle and make small movements with the cloth. You have to control exactly where you blend or you may obscure the details. Also try a paper stump. They are commercially available but it's easy to make your own. Tie a square of paper around the bottom of a pencil. Secure it with a rubber band. Easy.

10, Continue to blend until the pencil grain disappears and you have a smooth effect. Use a putty rubber to lift out the highlights. Pressing the rubber on the paper and lifting is all you need to do. Don't scrub at the paper or you will create unattractive smudges. The highlights should retain some tone or the drawing will not appear realistic.

The finished Eye Drawing.

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