Eye Sketch

This eye sketch is on cartridge paper using a 2H, HB and 2B pencils. You will need something to blend with. I recommend tissue and some cotton buds.

1. Start with the 2B to sketch some vertical lines. The pencil should be blunted.

2. Blend this.

3. Use the HB to sketch in a centre line and an eye line.

4. Site two circles. These will be the irises.

5. Sketch over the circle on the left. This arch shape is important so try to get it as accurate as you can.

6. Now sketch the upper lid and beneath the iris. The little detail in the corner of the eye is called the caruncula.

7. Do the same for the other eye.

8. Now we sketch in the eyebrows and indicate the sides of the nose.

9. Go over both eyes defining them and sketch in the pupils. Indicate lashes.

10. Add more tone to the brows. I also added light tone over the eyes.

11. Add more tone

12. I go into the irises adding loose shading.

13. More overlaid tone both eyes.

14. More work on the right iris.

15. Strengthen tone on the brows and shaded areas.

16. I use the 2H to add more tone to the irises until they begin to appear more realistic. This is accomplished by observing my reference and ensuring there is contrast between the shades and light.

17. Blend the eyes with your cotton bud by gently rubbing at the surface. Hold the bud lightly and use little pressure

18. Finally blend the other areas until relatively smooth.

Isolating individual facial features is a good way to learn how to sketch a female eye and more. The sketch is made more interesting with the base of tone.

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