Girl Sketches in Pencil

Two girl sketches depicting two age ranges.

The first of these girl sketches is of a child aged around eight. When attempting drawings of females the age of the subject decides whether I use reference photographs or sketch from life. The younger the girl the harder it is to get them to sit.

1. I break the form down into shapes and lines.

2. I sketch in the nose and mouth. You'll note I also wander over to the shoulder. I allow my eye to take me where it wants to go and sketch in details without overthinking the sketching process.

3. Eyes and cheek following my construction lines.

4. Little more on the eyes.

5. Chin and neck. I'm shading loosely.

6. I make a start on the one visible ear. It's a simple bit of tone. The ears of children often seem out of proportion to the rest of the face. It is important to get the angle of the ear right in relation to the head.

7. I begin the hair. Simple lines.

8. WHen I'm done with the hair (for now) I work down the shoulder and front of the child's clothing. I also sketch in the neck line of her top.

9. Across the short sleeve adding folds.

10 I carry on down the top taking care to get the major wrinkles right.

11. I sketch the arm. Then I draw in the hand on the right. Again this is very simple line work.

12. I start on the trousers defining the edge.

13. I add folds.

14. Back to the shoulder and back areas defining the lines.

15. Same idea on the top.

16. Finally I work on the head again, adding tone to the eyes, face and hair.

Girl Sketches in Pencil 2

1. I tackle this in the same way. A breakdown of the head and body. The head is turned to our right. The body is leaning back.

2. Rounded forehead, eye and nose. I am following the guide lines. The eye is simply three lines with a little tone for the lashes.

3. The rest of the profile.

4. Lightly sketched hair.

5. The top of the hair. I take care to draw it in the right direction.

6. Thickening it and showing how it spills on the shoulder.

7. I sketch the body and arms showing how the clothing wrinkles.

8. I add more to the hair and I'm finished.

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