Horse Sketch

This Horse Sketch took five minutes or thereabouts, taking the pauses when I photographed each stage into account. When attempting horse drawings of this kind I adopt a loose style and use the opportunity to get down the relevant details without slaving over the drawing. Be light with your pencil strokes to begin with.

1. I get the basic shape of the head including the rounded jaw and the upper part of the neck.

Horse Sketch in pencil

2. This egg shape will hold the body.

3. I place the legs carefully but quickly under the egg. They are simple lines.

4. The horse has a rider so I use this rectangular shape where the body will be. I could have concentrated on the animal but I wanted to place the horse in context. I use two lines to show where the rider's leg will be.

5. I step back to check everything looks right.

6. Oval divided where the eyes, nose and mouth go.

7. I sketch in the basic face and helmet.

8. Arms and a little detail on the shirt.

9. I add the hand, leg and boot.

10. I step back again. Everything looks ok.

11. I find the outer edges of the front legs and hooves.

12. Back legs.

13. I sketch in the head and ears and then step back.

14. I add tone with lines, adding weight to the rider.

15. I step back. All looks ok.

16. I do the same for the horse's head. I develop the linework.

17. I carry on over the horse's body. I draw in the boots and other details.

18. Here is a close up of the legs. You can see how simple the line drawing is.

Horse Sketch in pencil 2

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Horse Sketch

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