Kitten Drawings.

The two examples of kitten drawings below are easy cat drawings that you can draw quickly and efficiently. I've tried to capture the frailty in the first of the animal sketches and the wide eyed look in the second. I recommend using a slightly blunted 2B pencil on cartridge paper.

1. I'm starting with the eyes and working outwards. Take care to get the distance between the eyes right.

2. Shade around the eyes making the area slightly lighter than the eyes.

3. Sketch the nose and mouth.

4. Sides of the face including whiskers.

5. Ears which are large and the back of the head.

6. Shade as illustrated. This will bring the kitten's head out because of the contrasting tones.

7. Now I draw the legs by shading around them. This is called negative drawing.

8. I do the same with the remaining leg and decide I like it as it is and cease developing it any further.

kitten drawing in pencil

Kitten Drawings 2

1. I draw the eyes first and then very lightly sketch the head and limbs. The kitten is being held so I draw the hands of the person holding but it doesn't matter at this stage if you do that. Concentrate on the kitten. If you get the limbs right the human will slot into place at the end of the sketch.

2. I define the face a little more.

3. I draw the cat's legs and paws taking care to work up the patterning with tone. The tones are all made up of lines rather than using the side of the pencil.

4. I define the whole of the head.

5. For context I lightly sketch the person but the kitten remains the focus.

kitten drawing. Boy holding a cat.

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