Love Kills

by Mahaveer Bhardwaj
(New Delhi,India)



I am an artist who believes that if u have strong imaginations you should bring that out in the form of books ,paintings ,sketches, more you practice more will u be able to bring exactly what you imagine

Art is a passion
“For me, no one has taught me anything. When you’re left to your own devices against nature, you manage however you can, and naturally you develop your own personal style.

I have painted 100's of paintings but i haven't got any of the right but i'm practicing and the day i'll get it right
i'll see a smile that i'm waiting for

It doesn't mean that if you like doing something you have to be good at it
draw and paint from your heart
when i paint i'm lost
I love art and nature its a gift
I'm someone who barely gets time for art but when i get i get everything out of it

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