Pig Drawing.

Pig Drawing like any other animal art is best broken down into shapes. Below are four separate drawings done from life. My subjects were from a local petting zoo. I am going to concentrate on particular features which, when learned, make drawing pigs quickly a simple exercise.

1, I started off with the head and back of one animal.

2, Two rough triangles for the ears. I find with pigs the ears can be triangular or squared off depending on the way the ear is moving. It's worth remembering when drawing pigs that the ears are floppy and bend over very easily.

3, The snout is made up of a triangle, an oval and to show the angle of the snout I dash in two parallel lines.

4, Change of plan now because the pig decides to get up and walk so I quickly sketch in a trunk and...

5, ...a single shape for the neck and head.

6, Legs and ears and an eyeline.

7, The pig moves again so I take the chance to draw in the body from another angle.

8, Now the head and eyeline.

9, Third the ears. Now I already have enough information to start a reasonably accurate drawing.

10, Armed with my proportionally correct sketch I patiently add detail to each view of the pig.

11, Traced off I end up with an accurate and simple drawing.

12, Now I switch to a much easier task. I came across a little family of piglets warming under a lamp. I approach the sketch as if drawing distant hills. Simple rounded lines work well.

13, I have the leisure of taking my time to draw in the details of each piglet, showing their closed eyes and relaxed ears. The straw oddments give an impression of where they are laid.

14, I continue on until the sketch is done.

15, The drawing traced off

16, I wanted to capture the curiosity and vulnerability of a lone piglet so I very quickly sketched in an oval for its head.

17, Body and rear leg with a tail.

18, Front leg that was quivering and a little unsteady.

19, I drew in the details hurriedly but I think got what I was after.

20, In the next pen while mother slept two youngsters were sizing each other up. These guides were sketched hastily. A pill shaped body.

21, Legs.

22, Ears and then onto the second animal.

23, Body

24, Head, concentrating on how it was turned toward its sibling. Putting the eyeline helped with that.

25, Ears.

26, Legs.

27, Now I have enough to hang a few details on.

28, Finished pig drawing.

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