Learn how to make simple dragon drawings.

A simple dragon drawings tutorial. Follow this online drawing lesson and you will be able to draw a cartoon dragon in no time. Use any medium you like. The best thing about drawing fantasy creatures is the fact that you can make them up anyway you like. You can go to great lengths and really go to town on the details or you can make simple line drawings. Drawing dragon's is a favourite pastime of my daughter. I taught her the basics with something very much like the drawing we are about to attempt together.

1, I start with the dragon's head which I break down into an irregular oval and two curving lines. One for the top of the head and one for jaw.

simple dragon drawing breakdown sketch

2, A large curving line for the neck and stomach area. Make as many attempts as you like to get a nice flowing line.

3, The back of the dragon, again a very simple flowing line.

4, Two 'S' shapes for the tail.

5, I join the tail to a triangle.

6, I indicate a forelimb and sketch in the legs. They are bent to give the impression of the creature's great weight. The feet are just flat ovals.

7, I draw small bat wings. As this is a cartoon dragon, small wings are acceptable.

8, I draw the facial features. Two small eyes. Horns on the head a more defined nose and a smile. I also draw in pointed ears.

9, I add nostrils and work over the lines.

10, I draw a hand with skinny pointed fingers. Draw the feet with a little more detail, finish the wings with fingers (like a bat). I add some spines and spots. I decide straight away I don't like the spines.

cartoon dragon

11, I trace the drawing refining the lines.

simple dragon drawing

I now have an example of simple dragon drawings I can work on in more detail.

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