Sketches of Dogs

The following sketches of dogs make up a free drawing lesson. A step by step drawing tutorial sketched in pencil. Use any paper you like with a soft pencil. I recommend cartridge paper and a 2B pencil. I am using a Derwent pencil with 80lb paper.

I am drawing a Jack Russell pup and a young retriever.

1. A quick circle for the head.

pencil sketch of dog demonstration

2. I divide the head for convenience so I can place the eyes and nose correctly. I sketch the snout and divide it similarly.

3. The body and legs are made up of curved lines. Use simple shapes and you will probably benefit from working quite quickly.

4. I sketch the triangular ears. The eyes and nose are circles. I concentrate on getting them in the right position.

5. I go over the outlines of the body and legs. Scribbled lines create the illusion of fur.

6. Now I draw in the ears and facial features. I add tone where the markings are on the animal.

7. I add more tone for markings and shade.

Sketches of Dogs # 2

1. Here I start in a similar way. The head divided. I also add ears being careful to get the angles right.

2. The body and tail. The body is receding away from our viewpoint so gets narrower.

3. I sketch the legs which are angled and a little more difficult to get right than in the first sketch.

4. Because I sketched the shape of the head right it is relatively easy to draw the head.

5. I go over the lines and add tone.

6. Tone for the face and bringing out the features a little more.

7. I add a shadow to make the sketch look more realistic.

I hope you have enjoyed this lesson on how to draw a dog.

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