A Sketch of a Woman Free Drawing Lesson.

This sketch of a woman was a study for a series of drawings of females. It is reproduced much darker than in reality so you can see it.

1. I started my female sketch with shapes. Two ovals for the head, tubes for the arms and legs. A series of curves and lines for the rest. I'm just looking to get the proportions correct and an idea of the angles and where each body part is in space.

2. I sketch the guitar the woman is holding.

3. I divide the face horizontally and vertically so I have a guide when placing the eyes and other facial features.

4. I start with the eyes getting the shape as accurate as I can.

Here is a close up.

5. I draw the nose.

6. Now the shape of the face. I take my time over this.

7. The lips and cheekbone.

8. I sketch the hair with line and overlapping lines. This helps bring out the facial features for me.

9. I sketch part of the jacket and sleeve taking care to observe the folds of the cloth. I do this before sketching in the arm because the angle of the sleeve will help to guide where I draw the outer limits of the arm plus help get the angle right.

10. I take a lot of time drawing the hand, getting the curl and the position of the fingers correct.

11. I continue to work on the hand.

If you want to see an easy method for drawing hands see this hand drawing page.

12. I work on the guitar which is a fairly simple shape.

13. I draw the neck of the instrument.

14. I sketch the other hand again taking as much time as I need to get the fingers right.

15. Here I finish the hand working on it until happy.

16. The jacket is a series of folds made up with lines and overlapping lines.

17. I carry on with the clothing and add tone to the neck area.

18. I sketch the trousers and feet.

19. I add tone to the folds of the trousers.

20. I go back to the guitar and draw the headstock.

21. I add a little tone to the fretboard and draw the position markers.

22. I sketch in the seat the woman is sitting on and I'm done.

You might be interested to see the drawing I went onto make from my sketch of a woman.

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