Tiger Sketch #1

The tiger sketch below was made as a study for an ink drawing. I have made and sold many tiger drawings and they always begin with a simple sketch. Most of my animal sketches are made in pencil as this is the most convenient thing to carry but it is up to you what medium you use.

Any cat drawing has one thing in common with all others. The basic features are very similar across all species. Your cat sketches will benefit from learning how to quickly draw these features. It frees your mind up to concentrate on other details. This comes with practice.

1. I break the cat into two areas. A large rectangle that will hold the body and a rounded head which I divide horizontally and vertically to give me an eye line and a centre line.

Tiger sketch in pencil 1

2. I place the basic features using these guidelines and then indicate where the animal's stomach will be.

Tiger sketch in pencil 2

3. Study the legs. they are very simple. A series of straight and curved lines.

Tiger sketch in pencil 3

4. I use more curves for the heavy shoulder area, rear and tail.

Tiger sketch in pencil 4

5. I add lines and flecks to begin defining the head.

Tiger sketch in pencil 5

6. Same for the rear of our tiger.

Tiger sketch in pencil 6

7. I work over the tiger sketch indicating fur and muscle until happy.

Tiger sketch in pencil 7

1. I use the same technique for another cat. I start with the head, then move onto the body. I use curves and ovals for the back leg and shoulder. then straightish lines for the foreleg.

Tiger sketch in pencil 8

2. I add the basic facial features.

Tiger sketch in pencil 9

3. I use the guide lines for the front leg.

Tiger sketch in pencil 10

4. The spine and tail. It's important to get the spine right so always take time over it.

Tiger sketch in pencil 11

5. I draw the back leg and then I work on the head again.

Tiger sketch in pencil 12

6. Now I add details to the head including long whiskers and the markings on the face and forehead. I work on the shoulder markings.

Tiger sketch in pencil 13

7. Finally I add all the rest of the stripes.

Tiger sketch in pencil 14

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