Select UK greeting card publishers to sell your art to.

In the UK, greeting card publishers compete for a share of the £1.5 billion spent on greeting cards and related products every year. This is by any standard a huge market. As a designer of cards you have two main options. Become a greeting card publisher or sell to one (or many)of the 800 plus companies already established.

Setting up a greeting card business that prints and distributes its own cards is possible but if that isn't for you, or you want to leave that aside until you have more expeience, then concentrate on being a freelance artist or designer. You can dip your toe in the world of print with no financial risk after reading the article on print on demand Many designers concentrate on selling artwork for a flat fee or a royalty. This is certainly possible but takes some research. Not too long ago we were reliant on publications like the Writers and Artisits Yearbook for contact details and specifications required by the publishers. Now we can visit websites and get all the information we need.

List of UK greeting card publishers.

The following is a list of publishers you may find useful. Click on the website URL and familiarise yourself with the type of work the publisher already prints then negotiate your way to the contact page or email address. Follow any instructions about sending artwork to the letter. Anything less will annoy the art director and spoil your chances.

Some of the companies are quite small (others are HUGE) but bear in mind that ALL greeting card publishers survive by providing the best designs possible. The chances are you will find a market for your work.

Simon Elvin

Abacus Cards

Bug Art

Cherry Orchard Publishing

Love Day Designs

Card Chest

May Tree Cards

Nigel Quinney

Noel Tatt

Jodds Cards

Paper Rose If you elect to sens samples by email, strictly send jpegs, tif or gif formats only please and make sure your email does not exceed a maximum file size of 5Mb.

Paper Clip Cards This publisher asks for details about your experience and background. Make this brief and let your artwork do the talking for you.

Pinapple Park Soul Trader UK

The Art

Little Acorn Designs


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