Starting a Greeting Card Business

When starting a greeting card business there are many things to consider. This is not an article on the business aspect of a money making enterprize. It is a guide on how I use greeting cards as part of my business.

A home based greeting card business is a very pleasurable dream for many but the reality is not at all easy. Making it part of an overall startegy is the best way to do this. Any business should have as many income streams as possible.

Combining a greeting card home business with other ways of making money with art is both sensible an do-able. I do it. The following two links will take you to articles on this site.

Do you want to sell designs to greeting card publishers? or do you want to print your own greeting cards? You can do both actually but why spread yourself too thin.

The internet has made it much easier to reach customers across your country and globally. I'm glad to be living in a time when technology has made starting a greeting card business a virtually financially risk free business. Any artist can begin the journey to financial freedom with practically no expense. Assuming you have access to the internet and you are a visual artist then the following article on print on demand may be right for you.

E Greetings Cards

Finally, if you have a website already or are thinking about founding one think about the impact and money making opportunities that others create by adding free e greeting cards to their successful websites.

The relatively new phenomenon of e cards seems here to stay but it is undoubtably harder to make money with them. Some membership sites do well by providing a unique e card service that is very individually stamped by the small teams who create (well animated with specially written music) them but most established card businesses use them as purely marketing. I got the feeling that some of the big companies thought that by making their existing stocks of cards available as simple cards with maybe a little animation or sound added they would kill the new market or easily capture a big slice of it crushing the smaller e card designers. This has not happened.

However e cards ARE very good marketing tools. Everyone loves a freebie. And by giving your visitors this you create good will and the opportunity to make money from them every time they visit you. They may click on an advert you have placed on your site or buy a product or service. They may click on an affiliate link earning you a fee. If you have an existing website or are thinking of starting one think about adding this e card system as a marketing tool. Click Here! for more information. Link Opens in another window.

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